A Walk Through the Underworld

Our publication for this project, A Box of Things, was launched on 

19th January, 3-5pm, at New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

A Box of Things is now available, please visit the tab above for details.

All the walks have now finished. This page remains as an archive.

This year, we present our new interactive art event, ‘A Walk Through the Underworld’. We will be leading a series of curated walks around Nottingham’s caves on Saturdays in September, which explore the mysterious and fantastical qualities of the unique environment.

In ‘A Walk through the Underworld’, participants will gain special access to some of Nottingham’s hidden caves that are usually closed to the public. There are more manmade caves in Nottingham than anywhere else in the UK, with over 450 known caves.

Mythology is particularly important to Nottingham, a city known for its hero Robin Hood. The event encourages participants to imagine the activities that may have occurred in these secret chambers through storytelling and through installation artworks posing as relics. Unlike other cave tours, ‘A Walk through the Underworld’ is an imaginative experience, weaving tales and dreaming of otherworlds. We ask our participants to contribute their own ideas in response to ours, making each event unique. A publication will record our experiences.

In order to deliver this project, we are looking for sponsorship and donations. Please lend your support, however small, and become a part of our underworld adventure!

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